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Boy's Hairstyles - Pictures, Tips & Advice for Little Boy's

Hairstyles for Boys

There are various personalities when it comes to boys and just as many ways to cut and style their hair as well. Depending on different factors such as activity and hair texture, many possibilities are available for hairstyles from short buzz cuts to long, wavy ones. The boys hairstyle pictures shown below are 5 unique looks that cover a spectrum of characteristics and should give parents some great ideas.

Short Buzz Cut

boys short buzz haircut

The short buzz cut is the shortest hairstyle available and is a perfect option for very active boys because it is easy to manage and clean up afterwards. The hair is easy to cut by just choosing a set length on a hair clipper. The only real drawback to this style is it requires frequent cuts to keep it a certain length.

Short Textured Cut

boys textured haircut

This hairstyle is longer than the buzz cut but still short at the top and the sides. The hair is textured with gel and styled with a messy look which makes it ideal for sporty looks. Moms and dads will love this hairstyle on their boys of any age.

Longer Sleek Sweep

boys longer sleek sweep

This boy’s hairstyle is longer with smooth, sleek texture. The hair features more length from the crown to the front and is parted way off-center. It provides a relaxed sport look as well and soccer moms will definitely want to consider this cut for their little men.

Smart Look

boys smart hairstyle look

This hairstyle provides that smart, sophisticated look similar to the old cartoon character Ritchie Rich. Instead of a center part, the hair is parted from one side and longer strands are left over the forehead. The hair is styled smooth from the crown to the ends.

Long Wavy Hair

boys long wavy hair

For boys with longer hair, this hairstyle is a great option with long, wavy locks all over. The hairstyle has volume and a playful bounce but is not suitable for everyone. Longer hair like this one requires more work to keep clean and to style which means more work for parents and kids alike.

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